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I am selling CU again (purely copper antibacterial sanitization, deodorant goods). Copper has superior sterilization characteristics, and the world pays attention to the effect. Please confirm the details in KOGAX ONLINE SHOP.
Isesaki-shi, Gunma
1-104-11, Kunisadamachi
TEL. 0270-62-7811
FAX. 0270-62-8585

Compressor parts for the car air-conditioner
Production of fuel control parts, electronic parts
Development, design production of the exclusive plane, saving of labor apparatus
Trial manufacture, die production

Forging, cutting

Feelings for the product

It is and wrestles with all company bullets with love and enthusiasm to a product in High Quality, Low Cost at the same time to work on daily innovation to be able to be pleased with a visitor saying "after all the products of KOGAX CORPORATION are different".

Cold forging, warm forging

Cold; warm forging
A cold forging technology with the durability, a superior characteristic including the high exact nature. To material, I am consistent from cold forging to cutting and customize iron, aluminum stainless steel, copper in the KOGAX and always hold high qualities.
Furthermore, the line which reaches lubrication processing, the molding from the heat-treatment of the forging processing section to cope with every order form is made the high efficiency by self-developed exclusive facilities and raises anti-stress to High Quality, Low Cost.


Clean challenges making it it to produce the high-quality products which were superior in precision with automation to improve quality and productivity in the KOGAX building the latest automation system by self-developed exclusive facilities.
Environmental clean to prevent a dust of the factory gives all companies to investigate the figure which there should be originally as environment bringing about a high quality including becoming it and, let alone the maintenance of each process facility, performs an improvement activity and carries out the making of environment that is clean not to adversely affect quality of strength, the dimensions precision in the section to ground where there is particularly much hatsuchiri again thoroughly.
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