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I am selling CU again (purely copper antibacterial sanitization, deodorant goods). Copper has superior sterilization characteristics, and the world pays attention to the effect. Please confirm the details in KOGAX ONLINE SHOP.
Isesaki-shi, Gunma
1-104-11, Kunisadamachi
TEL. 0270-62-7811
FAX. 0270-62-8585

Compressor parts for the car air-conditioner
Production of fuel control parts, electronic parts
Development, design production of the exclusive plane, saving of labor apparatus
Trial manufacture, die production

Merit of cold forging

Reduction (resource saving) of consumption materials

"There are extremely few scraps, and yield is better" than cutting and forging between the heat.
By cold forging, it becomes the saving of approximately 71% of materials in comparison with cutting.
Resource saving, a price reduction is possible.
Reduction of material cost
Materials for the cutting
357 g
Product shape
Materials for cold forging
104 g

Improvement (energy saving) of the productivity

The speed of forging is a second unit whereas processing speed of the cutting is a share unit.
10-50, the processing in about one around two seconds are possible for one minute.
Production efficiency only costs improving, and speed leads to reduction in cost in comparison with cutting.
Productivity approximately 30 times
When it is cutting, in the case of product A, it becomes the two seconds /1 unit for 60 seconds when it is /1 unit, forging processing, and it is 1,800 when it is 60, forging processing when it is cutting in one hour.

Of the processing is highly precise

Because it is not necessary to add heat in comparison with forging between the heat, the high precision of the product is available for becoming it.
The reduction of the cutting process is possible in a net shape near net shape.
Reduction in cost in the cutting reply
Measurement spot
Product dimensions example
O level
(normal pushing out)
Spirit grade
(harsh training processing)
Outer diameter (φ 40)
φ 39.95 - φ 40.07
The inside diameter (φ 35)
φ 34.93 - φ 35.08

Improvement of materials properties

By compression stress by the plastic deformation, a mechanical property (the hardness, strength) improves.
Strength, abrasion-resistant improves by a tough metal flow.
(an inside organization is connected into a fiber form a metal flow in succession)
Because I can thin wall thickness while securing strength same than cutting, it leads to resource saving and reduction in cost.
Improvement of the mechanical property
It is, for example, ...
・Change to low-priced kinds of lumber
 Middle carbon steel ⇒ low carbon steel
・The abolition of the heat-treatment
・Thin it lightweighting ⇒; aluminum
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