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I am selling CU again (purely copper antibacterial sanitization, deodorant goods). Copper has superior sterilization characteristics, and the world pays attention to the effect. Please confirm the details in KOGAX ONLINE SHOP.
Isesaki-shi, Gunma
1-104-11, Kunisadamachi
TEL. 0270-62-7811
FAX. 0270-62-8585

Compressor parts for the car air-conditioner
Production of fuel control parts, electronic parts
Development, design production of the exclusive plane, saving of labor apparatus
Trial manufacture, die production

Employment information

New college graduate

University graduate
The offer number of people
Few name
The type of job
Mechatronics engineer
Design and development, setup of the saving of labor apparatus
The making of machine of the KOGAX performs the systems architecture that let electronics fuse with mechanics.
With a new idea, I push forward a creative design and am to make it a form.
I welcome the person who is interested in all from a design to production.
A specialty is a graduate
The offer number of people
A few name
The type of job
Production Engineering
The new line setup of the cutting process, productivity improvement, improvement activity duties and development of the processing technique are main duties. In addition, there are trial manufacture and setup duties.
High-school graduate
The offer number of people
A few name
The type of job
Production job, skill job
I perform parts processing by machine operation such as NC or MC and inspect it.
By use of qualification support system and daily skill improvement, I improve the labor saving apparatus and can aim at Production Engineering and the trial manufacture in the future.


Starting salary
It depends on our regulations
Other benefits
Commuting, family, post, overtime entitlement
Raise in salary
Once a year
Twice a year
Work location
The head office or Isesaki factory
Working hours
Actual work eight hours
Lunch 8:00-17:00
Night 19:00-4:00 (only in the Production section)
Annual holiday
122 days
A five-day working week
GW, the summer, year-end and New Year vacation, annual vacation
Social insurance
The employment, workmen's accident, health, welfare annuity

Welfare program

Annual event
Enjoying the cool breeze festival, cherry blossom viewing, softball meet, year-end party (during a stop)
Club activities
Baseball club, golf club
Rest facilities
Ishiuchi sanitarium (Niigata)
Nakazawa Village of Kusatsu Onsen
President resort Karuizawa
Use of Tokyu havesutokurabu phase each other facilities
Each place rest place of the health insurance union

Contact information

 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. +81-270-62-7811
I wait for the inquiry over the telephone
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