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I am selling CU again (purely copper antibacterial sanitization, deodorant goods). Copper has superior sterilization characteristics, and the world pays attention to the effect. Please confirm the details in KOGAX ONLINE SHOP.
Isesaki-shi, Gunma
1-104-11, Kunisadamachi
TEL. 0270-62-7811
FAX. 0270-62-8585

Compressor parts for the car air-conditioner
Production of fuel control parts, electronic parts
Development, design production of the exclusive plane, saving of labor apparatus
Trial manufacture, die production

Die Design & Productuin

Die Design & Productuin

Die design production
The life of the die using the present is short and makes the problems of the current die clear to the visitor of the trouble about a visitor and reduction in cost to be troubling me and produces a die.

Die design of the KOGAX

By know-how and fusion of CAE using the latest plastic flow analysis that I cultivated for many years, I design the most suitable production process and die. The construction of few quick processes of the trial manufacture number of times is possible by being able to become the most suitable design from a stage early stage of than the construction of the process by the repetition of conventional try & error.
Accumulation know-how
Computer simulation
Optimization design
Forging process, die
Realization of the hope shape
Suggestion of the most suitable shape

Die sample

Die sample 1
Die sample 2
Die sample 3

CAE, computer simulation

 Shape confirmation in the virtual world
 Reduction of the trial manufacture number of times
 The prediction of the malfunction point and early correspondence
Shortening of the development lead time
Conventionally, the trial and error by experience and try & error (actually making a die, and producing it experimentally) was necessary to choose the most suitable process (die shape) of the plasticity processing. Therefore I predict various problems that will be extracted by try & error by the analysis simulation of the PC beforehand by utilizing CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). I examine a process and a die shape than the analysis result, and the prior measures for problems are enabled. It becomes the man-hour reduction of try & error. In addition, I can analyze the product of the complicated shape by displaying it in three dimensions.

The plasticity processing simulation of two-dimensional & three dimensions using the finite element method is soft
[it features analysis] two-dimensional software: Simple for a short time three-dimensional software: General details shape

Analysis example

Plastic flow analysis

I can confirm a state of the flow of the plastic deformation. In addition, I can obtain the information such as the processing load, too and can inflect in a process design, facilities choice.

Stress analysis of the die

Stress analysis of the die
・Stress (red) concentrates on a green-maru part (bottom r part).
・The stress concentration means malfunction such as the early damage of the die.
・Measures plan
  1. Change (I extend r) of die r
  2. Reinforcement (change of materials, the assembling method) of the die
I make measures plan quickly by getting information such as the above,
Furthermore, I analyze the measures plan and pursue the most suitable shape.
Analysis, die 1/3 model of the cup shape
Suggestion of the measures or most suitable shape of the early stage
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