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I am selling CU again (purely copper antibacterial sanitization, deodorant goods). Copper has superior sterilization characteristics, and the world pays attention to the effect. Please confirm the details in KOGAX ONLINE SHOP.
Isesaki-shi, Gunma
1-104-11, Kunisadamachi
TEL. 0270-62-7811
FAX. 0270-62-8585

Compressor parts for the car air-conditioner
Production of fuel control parts, electronic parts
Development, design production of the exclusive plane, saving of labor apparatus
Trial manufacture, die production


Feelings for the product

It is and wrestles with all company bullets with love and enthusiasm to a product in High Quality, Low Cost at the same time to work on daily innovation to be able to be pleased with a customer saying "after all the products of the KOGAX are different".
The compressor of the air-conditioner for vehicles such as crankshaft shaft rotor, decentration Bush, fuel control parts, the cutting of electronic parts ground it in the KOGAX Thailand factory and perform abrasion, an assembly.

I grind it, and leave it to me cutting, rolling to polishing finish, Assy.

Self-developed own motive line

In kogakkusu building the latest automation system by self-developed exclusive facilities, clean challenges making it it with automation to improve quality and productivity to produce high-quality products superior in precision more.

Die made in the company

By know-how and fusion of CAE using the latest plastic flow analysis that I cultivated for many years, I design the most suitable die in-house. I maintain a quick production process with a little trial manufacture number of times by being able to become the most suitable design from an early stage of stage.

Consistency regime

I offer service by consistency management from trial manufacture to a mass production from the design of the process to forging, cutting, finish by the cooperation with the kogakkusu Japan head office.

Self-developed own motive line
I built product line with the minimum staff by a line putting facilities of the company production, and I measured shortening at reduction of the cost, process time, and reduction in lead time realized it.
Handling product
For the request of the visitor, I do the suggestion of the most suitable service from the choice of the material to a processing method. I deliver the product after appropriate inspection.
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